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Greener Shingles

Greener Shingles in Windsor and Essex County


Most asphalt roof shingles claim to last 25–50 years, yet typical comprehensive roof warranties span approximately 10–15 years. This means total roof replacements happen more frequently than the shingles’ estimated lifespan. That's where asphalt shingle rejuvenation comes in. If treated early enough you can extend the life span of your roof shingles much longer than originally estimated. Cleroux Roofing holds the exclusive rights to deal in greener shingles in the Windsor/Essex County region. Feel free to reach out for more information.

Greener Shingles asphalt rejuvenator was inspired by a patented asphalt rejuvenator used to preserve the oil in roads, driveways and parking lots. Greener Shingle's bio-based asphalt rejuvenator technology was then reformulated for asphalt roofing shingles.

​After completing a series of vigorous lab tests the Greener Shingles rejuvenator has demonstrated that it can help reduce the effects of aging after being applied to asphalt shingles, improve granular adhesion, helps protect the surface and improve fire retardancy. 

This environmentally safe solution improves shingle flexibility which helps the expansion and contracting that happens to the shingle throughout the day. Greener Shingles uses a bio-based soybean oil solution that is safe around the exterior of the home.

  • Extends the life of the shingle

  • Increases shingle flexibility

  • Granule adhesion

  • Suffocates moss

Saving You up to of the Cost of Replacing Your Old Roof

Asphalt roofs usually start showing signs of aging after 8-10 years depending on region and environmental conditions. The shingle’s granular coating starts washing into the gutters as the essential oils dry up, losing the ability to hold the granular in place.


Asphalt shingle granular coating starts washing into the gutters (those little rocks, in your gutters) as the oil dries out, thus the shingle loses the ability to hold the granular in place, leaving it exposed to cracking and failing.

​Replacing Lost Oils

Natural agriculture oils have been used for the past 15 years to rejuvenate asphalt roads to replace the oils that are lost through years of aging.​


Increased Granular Adhesion

By rejuvenating shingles there is 86% better granular adhesion, and increased shingle flexibility which helps prevent damage caused by wind and hail


Stop Moss Growth

When applied, Greener Shingles will smother moss and algae, restricting the ability for the moss to grow further. The dead moss will wash off after a good rain or roof cleaning.


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